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A Meaningful Career

AUP’s master’s programs provide graduates with the tools and skills they need to engage in meaningful international work at the top of their chosen field. By mastering a subject through a strong understanding of theory and a wide range of practical experiences, graduates emerge flexible, curious and compassionate, all key traits needed to thrive in international work environments. 

Because our faculty work at the forefront of research, policy and industry, students are exposed to professionals in relevant fields from the moment they arrive at AUP. This experience prepares them to seek out global careers themselves, giving them the necessary confidence and abilities to go out and forge their own professional pathways at an international level.

AUP Students graduating
AUP Graduates during the Commencement Ceremony in Paris' Theatre du Chatelet

Stories of Change

By choosing to join our international community in the cultural hub that is Paris, our students choose to embrace change. By seizing opportunities for intellectual exchange with people from different horizons, through class projects, internships and social activities, they develop adaptability and resilience. Our alumni speak of discovering hitherto unconsidered career and life pathways during the formative, life-changing experiences they engaged in while studying at AUP and living in Paris.

When you surround yourself with globality, which you do at AUP, you also get a very healthy dose of perspective because you get a better understanding of how big the world is. That (understanding) gives you perspective which is a very good thing to have when you’re approaching a challenge or an opportunity.

Micky Lawler '80
– Micky (den Tuinder) Lawler '80, President of the Women’s Tennis Association

Internships  that Cross Borders

Our graduate programs provide opportunities to intern with world-leading companies and international organizations as well as innovative startups with cross-cultural approaches. Students have gained valuable professional experience while working on energy policy at the OECD, editorial strategy at Vogue, and pan-African cultural promotion for an international NGO in Paris.

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Our Alumni Network

Our graduate alumni live and work across six continents at the forefront of global change. Students regularly engage with alumni experts whose aspirational career paths help them better understand the professional options available in their field, allowing them to make informed, impactful career choices. The closeness of each academic cohort, forged through in-class discussion, shared fieldwork experiences and active social lives, continues after graduation, and graduates join a community of empowered leaders who support, encourage and advise each other throughout their careers.

Staying in France

AUP’s MA in Global Communications and MSc in Strategic Brand Management have RNCP certification, which means their graduates are recognized by the French state as qualified communications professionals. Holders of these degrees can apply for an additional year-long temporary residence visa as they look for work following graduation.

Finding French employment and staying in France long-term can be a challenge and often requires a strong commitment to embracing French culture and language and a lot of paperwork, but some graduates do go on to be long-term Parisian residents and even acquire French citizenship. The University does not provide a formal route to French residency.