Sports and Wellbeing

At The American University of Paris, we believe physical activity, self-care and wellness are vital and make a difference to your educational experience. The skills you may acquire through our activities – and through potential leadership roles you may take on – are applicable to all facets of life and align directly with our mission. From competitive sports to building your own club to the Wellness Room, we are dedicated to offering a wide variety of opportunities for graduate students to maintain study-life balance, with a healthy mind and body.

Alongside undergraduates, graduate students are supported in their athletic endeavors and are particularly encouraged to get involved in leadership roles as a way to actively practice teamwork, organization, dedication and community on campus.

Ashkan Shalbaf
Manager of Physical Activities, Dance and Self-Care
Tel. +33 1 40 62 05 93

Physical Activity and Self-Care Program Office
6 rue du Colonel Combes, 3rd floor
75007, Paris

Open Access  
10 AM-5 PM

Basketball at AUP


Competitive Sports

Joining our teams and competing in leagues and tournaments is a way to enjoy sports in a structured, goal-oriented, cohesive, constructive and inclusive setting.

Our teams thrive thanks to the passion and creativity of current and former students. From futsal and tennis to volleyball and basketball teams, you may find other students with your interests. 

Find out more about our current sports offering.

Dance at AUP

Create your own club, take on a leadership role 

Getting involved in one of the many recreational activities at AUP is a great way to meet other students and to see the city and its surroundings while staying active. Physical and self-care activities vary from year to year depending on students’ interests and initiative, but may include running, contemporary dance, hiking, walks around Paris, yoga, meditation, boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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  • Student organizations

Graduate students are encouraged to pursue their interests and to take on active roles in the management, and even creation, of clubs and activities on or off campus.

Gym memberships 

The Physical Activities and Self-Care Office (PAS) has discounted deals for our students with the following two fitness clubs in Paris:

  • Aquaboulevard is an impressive gym facility 20 minutes from campus. As an AUP student you can enjoy the gym facility at a discounted price.
  • With 25+ locations across Paris, Cercles de la Forme offers you a discounted rate to make the most of its wide range of classes and facilities.


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Meditation workshop on campus


As Physical Activities and Self-Care Coordinator Ashkan Shalbaf reminds us, “Wellness is not a luxury; it’s a priority, without which, none of the other things in life run as smoothly as they should.”

The dedicated wellness space on campus invites students to foster their motivation, focus and body awareness through yoga and meditation, strengthen their stress-busting skills with mindfulness activities, or to simply take a moment to rest and relax.


Wellbeing Events

Above all, the wellness center is a place of peace, to disconnect from the stress of daily life. We schedule weekly and pop-up events throughout each academic term and welcome Graduate students to take part in any event, host their own events, or just come in to unwind.

Other wellness activities include qualifying workshops such as First Aid, that are an excellent complement to the AUP educational experience as a graduate student prepared for living in the world. 

Contact the PAS Office to find out what activities will be available during the year of your enrollment and to be put in touch with student clubs and for information about other activities not listed above.