Deferral Process

The American University of Paris offers students the option to defer their offer of admissions for up to one academic year. AUP will only consider deferral requests for the following reasons:

  • Health issues of the student or a member of the family
  • Sudden changes in family finances
  • Visa refused or received too late
  • Gap-year project
  • Mandatory military service

AUP does not guarantee that all requests for deferral will be granted.


How Long Can I Defer My Offer of Admission?

Students can defer their attendance for a maximum of one academic year. Students can choose to defer for one academic year (two semesters) or one semester at a time (to a maximum of two semesters). Deferral for more than one academic year will be considered if students are completing mandatory military service in their home country.


Am I Allowed To Take College Credits During the Deferral Period?

Yes. However, students cannot enroll full-time as a degree-seeking student at another institution or earn 12 or more credits during the time of deferment. Students who complete more than 12 credits at another institution will forfeit their offer of deferment as well as the deferral deposit and will have to reapply for admissions in the new semester as a transfer student.


Will I Retain My Original Financial Aid Offer?

Merit-aid scholarships offered at the time of admissions will be renewed for the new semester. Need-based Financial Aid will be renewed for the new semester; however, US Citizens and permanent residents will be required to complete the FAFSA for the new academic year. US Citizens and permanent residents who had set up loans for their original term of attendance and subsequently deferred will have to reapply for their loans for the new semester on the US Department of Education’s website.

How Do I Request a Deferral?

Students must request a deferral on their AUP Status Page and pay a deposit of 250 euros in order to secure their deferral of admission. Please note that the deferral deposit is non-refundable but is not an additional charge, it will be applied as a credit to your first semester tuition charge. The deferral request will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee and students will be notified via email of the decision regarding their deferral request. If approved, your deferral will only be finalized once the payment of the 250 euros deferral deposit has been received. Deferred students will be asked to confirm attendance for the new semester by paying the confirmation deposit of 1,250 euros before May 1st for Fall entry and November 15th for Spring entry.

Contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions about the procedure.