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Join Our Global Community

AUP is looking for graduate students who are committed to seeking out top-level roles in international work environments. Successful applicants demonstrate curiosity, an openness to multiple perspectives and a strong desire for personal and professional development. They bring a diverse experiences into the graduate classroom and are ready to engage with their peers and faculty in intellectual discussion, interdisciplinary research and networking – against the backdrop of one of Europe’s biggest cornerstones of culture, commerce and civil society, the city of Paris. 

What Students Say

AUP graduate students develop their own pathways through graduate education thanks to flexibility and reactivity while maintaining a clear idea of the kind of international career they seek. 

Jacinda Carlisle G'20

"At AUP, your voice matters and your opinions and insight are valued. Each day offers the promise of fulfilling your highest potential – you must simply take the leap."


Faith Toran G’18

"I enjoyed the small class sizes and how accessible professors were, as well as the practical applications of course material through great on-site experiences."


Ari Price G'20

"Being at AUP has widened my scope of possible futures. As a person interested in sign languages and disability rights advocacy, there are not a lot of specific degrees or career titles that will enable me to work with these skill sets."


How to Apply

Our application process is straightforward and includes an application form, personal statement and, in some cases, a supplementary essay. We aim to get to know prospective students as early as possible to select those with the capacities needed to take on roles as mediators, lead in global industries, and contribute unique perspectives to our global community.

Once accepted, students receive a comprehensive orientation package to help them prepare for the move to France, including access to online resources for admitted students. Admitted students can look forward to supporting, collaborating with and challenging their peers, many of whom will go on to occupy high-level positions in global business, communications and politics.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Our graduate programs attract students who wish to be key players in the development, promotion and strengthening of international communities around the world. AUP recognizes the need for such driven global collaborators by offering need- and merit-based scholarships to graduate students, thereby encouraging economic diversity among a student body that is already diverse in terms of perspectives and experiences. Scholarships cover up to 50% of tuition.

Visit Our Urban Campus

Located in the heart of Paris in a neighborhood known as much for its international institutions and embassies as for its museums and monuments, our campus offers students a close-knit international community to call home, while providing easy access to places of interest across the city.