Encouraging Cross-Border Perspectives 

For AUP’s Founder, Dr. Lloyd A. DeLamater, global community was key. He believed that, in order to foster international cooperation, it was important to move beyond what he called “narrow nationalisms,” or an overreliance on any one national perspective. As a diplomat and economic advisor for NATO, he understood that advocating for understanding between countries was not only a necessity; it was also a way to encourage students to build vital leadership, collaboration and peacekeeping skills. He founded AUP to help students thrive in intensely  international spaces and, through doing so, encourage intercultural exchange.  

Six Decades of Cooperation

Over more than 60 years, AUP has grown into a profoundly international community in its own right, consisting of over 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students holding more than 100 nationalities between them and speaking more than 60 languages. Our 27 majors and 7 master’s programs use cross-cultural immersion, interdisciplinary approaches and practical experiences outside the classroom, continuing DeLamater’s legacy of forefronting cooperative perspectives. Our alumni live and work in 145 countries, creating positive change at employers like Google, the United Nations, and the New York Times.

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Through AUP's Cultural Programs, you'll engage with the histories, perspectives, and contemporary realities of cultures and countries around the world. We want you to keep exploring, in class and beyond.

A Global Approach

A master’s degree from The American University of Paris prepares students to rise to the challenges of meaningful and impactful work in international environments, while offering a transformative graduate experience that ensures students are agents of their own futures.

Exposure to diverse perspectives – through both interactions with faculty and peers and encounters with thinkers and researchers from across the world – develops cultural fluency, equipping students to navigate difference and thrive in international environments.

Students build towards subject mastery thanks to classes that foreground discussion-based learning. These discussions regularly engage with the cultural, intellectual and political history of Paris: a city that has for centuries promoted public engagement with arts, science and philosophy.

Fully Recognized Degree

AUP is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, which also accredits American institutions such as Cornell University and NYU. Its MA in Global Communications and its MA in Strategic Brand Management have, in addition, been certified in France by the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionelles (RNCP). The RNCP is the central reference framework for all diplomas, qualifications and titles recognized by the French state. This professional certification allows its holder to demonstrate competency of the skills and knowledge necessary to exercise an activity corresponding to a professional field.

Learn More About Our Accreditations

AUP is a Non-Profit

The American University of Paris is a non-profit organization that aims to provide the best possible infrastructure and resources, including faculty at the forefront of their fields who will accompany you as you shape your own future.

As an international institution, AUP does not receive the state support that other French schools do, which means your tuition is essential to funding your education. We work hard to put every penny to good use, and count on the generous donations of alumni and parents, which fund a certain percentage of AUP’s overhead costs and most of its scholarships each year.

Financial Awards for Graduate Students

Roughly 67 percent of incoming graduate students will receive a scholarship. The majority of our financial awards range from 25 percent to 50 percent of tuition and the average award amounts to about 33 percent. 

The primary source of financial awards for graduate students is tuition awards. These awards are based on the combination of both merit and need and can cover up to 50 percent of your tuition. To be considered for a tuition award, you must apply for financial aid. American citizens and permanent U.S. residents must also file the FAFSA. If you receive a tuition award, you need to keep a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to maintain the award in your time at the University.

“AUP is a global village. Alumni are accomplished leaders in their fields. They make a difference in the world by breaking barriers and challenging the status quo wherever they choose to work.”

– Stella Sagini G’21, MA in Global Communications

“AUP was the beginning of my international career. The master’s program gave me the knowledge, skills and exposure I needed to gain entry into the United Nations and establish a career in international development in multiple countries.”

– Alex P. Nguyen G’12, MA in Diplomacy and International Law

“AUP is a place that feels like home. A place that changed my life. A place that inspires and motivates me. A place where I can project myself many years into the future. A place that challenges me and embraces me. A place I love.”

– Darcee Caron G’13, MA in Global Communications