Staying Abroad

Finding French employment and staying in France long-term is a dream for many, but in reality it can be a challenge, often requiring a strong commitment to embracing French culture and language as well as a lot of paperwork – but some graduates do go on to be long-term Parisian residents and even acquire French citizenship. 

One of the keys to staying in France is starting to look for job opportunities early on, before graduation. This can include internships, part-time jobs, or networking in your desired industry. The other key is French language proficiency, which is often essential for employment in France. While many multinational companies operate in English, knowing the local language can significantly increase job opportunities.

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"During my undergraduate studies I came to Paris twice.. Both experiences made it clear: I needed to be in Paris."

Since graduating from the MA in Global Communications, Lindsey Tramuta G'09 has continued to make the city home.


RNCP Certification

The American University of Paris does not provide a formal route to post-graduation French residency. That being said, the MA in Global Communications and the MSc in Strategic Brand Management have RNCP certification, which means their graduates are recognized by the French state as qualified communications professionals. Holders of these degrees are eligible to apply for an additional year-long residence visa while they look for work after graduation. Graduates of other programs who wish to stay in France but do not have EU citizenship must extend their residency by other means such as starting a qualifying internship or job position, continuing their studies or starting their own company. 

Other Opportunities

You may choose to complete an additional not-for-credit internship following the end of your studies, but doing so requires that you defer graduation in order to keep student status, which is a legal requirement for an internship in France. See our page on Student Status Extension for more information. 

You may also consider starting your own company in France, which is fairly easy, if you have the right idea! See Entrepreneurship. In that case, the visa that students and recent graduates often apply for is the carte de séjour recherche d’emploi et création d’entreprise.

Generally speaking, students graduating from our programs are encouraged to build a professional network in France, and accompanied along that path, whether they aim to begin their international career here or to take it abroad.