The AMEX Café

With the sale of Bosquet and the creation of the Combes Student Life Center in early 2015, it was fitting that Combes become the new home of the AMEX. Since its inception as a student-run project to create a café in Bosquet, the AMEX has been the well-loved site of much student social and intellectual activity.

Today, the expanded AMEX – its new home was conceived of and designed by AUP alumni with great care to reflect the University’s distinct community culture – has a unique look and feel; serves delicious food and drink; hosts student-organized events and speakers; and provides a welcoming environment for students, alumni, faculty and staff. The addition of an outdoor terrace brings the cafe closer to its origins – the first AMEX was located in the open-air courtyard behind the Bosquet building – while also creating a great hangout for students wanting to enjoy a moment in the sun. The cafe also opens onto the AUP Fine Arts Gallery, where student work is often displayed as well as exhibitions by notable professional artists. The gallery now extends from Combes along the glass atrium that connects the building to the Quai d’Orsay Learning Commons.

The AMEX has been at the heart of AUP student life for decades.

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Comfort Food 
French fries  
Mozzarella sticks  
Chicken wings 

Daily special  
Burgers and fries  

Coffee & tea 
Soft drinks  
Wine & beer

Today's modern AMEX Café.

The modern AMEX

The AMEX has been through many iterations. Here, students gather for the Superbowl before the renovation.

Students watch football in the old AMEX

Originally in Bosquet, the AMEX may have changed a lot over the years but it's always been a place of community.

AMEX in Bosquet 2012


An AUP Institution

At the center of campus this space has many uses. This is where you’ll really get to know your fellow students and professors, as you continue in-class political debates over pool, dispute pop culture facts, complain about the weather, and start building the foundation for friendships that will last a lifetime. Whether guests come for lunch, karaoke, a reunion, or sunshine between sessions at an international conference the AMEX has seen it all. 

The terrace at the AMEX is the perfect place to enjoy fresh air between conference sessions.

AMEX terrace

Events like karaoke or trivia night are calendar staples along with screenings.

Karoake night

The café is always part of the orientation experience for new AUP arrivals and their advisors.

AMEX fun for student advisors

Its nostalgic pull makes the AMEX a perfect spot for alumni events.

Alumni weekend in the AMEX

But the AMEX also makes the perfect place to unwind solo.

Relaxing in the AMEX