AUP’s diverse student population and the cosmopolitan nature of Paris as a hub mean students will feel they are part of the world, without leaving the city. Yet, being a globally oriented university also means that we keep good company around the world and offer every opportunity for students to thrive beyond the walls of our classrooms and across national borders. As part of our mission to foster global citizenship and offer the very best in international, interdisciplinary education, AUP’s  international collaborations open the doors for our students even wider.

Some of our collaborations allow us to send students into new learning environments through field study. We have established rapports, for example with The Hague, allowing students to attend real hearings and gain insight into the functioning of international law; with the War College and UNESCO (Politics and International Affairs); with the CNIL (Human Rights and Data Science); with advertising agencies in London, the Iceland Opera House and Tourism Ministry, he Royal Academy of Antwerp, Tanghe printing in Belgium and Auroraville (for Communications and Management students); and with farms in the Jura and several museums and prestigious establishments around France for French Language and Culture. 

Special academic collaborations offer rich resources for our students.

Politics & International Affairs

As a student on one of the political or international affairs focused programs at AUP the partnerships developed beyond the AUP campus are a chance to hear from more professionals working in the field, and be immersed in another academic environment. “The Hague Practicum, Oxford Summer School and Ecole de Guerre, are the highlights of the MA in Diplomacy and International Law,” said Anna Chapman G'18. “They give AUP students opportunities that they would never have access to otherwise. Each of these courses allow students to study above and beyond a text book.”

Human Rights Law Summer Programme

​​This residential summer school offered by the Bonavero Institute for Human Rights and George Washington University Law School, based at the University of Oxford Faculty of Law, represents an extraordinary opportunity for AUP graduate students to learn from renowned actors in the human rights field.

Oxford summer school
Université de Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne

Since 2008, AUP's MA students have had the opportunity to join a cross-cultural community of scholars through AUP’s partnership with the world-renowned University of Paris I-Sorbonne.

Students discuss in class
The Hague Practicum

When studying for an MA in International Affairs, Conflict Resolution and Civil Society Development, it is vital to understand how legal theory plays out in practice. The summer practicum to The Hague, in the Netherlands, allows students to visit a dynamic international legal hub.

Students at The Hague

Data Science

We live in a changing world. As developments in Big Data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things transform the careers of the future, the world must develop concurrent principles for the ethical use of such technologies. Partner programs offer students more opportunities to explore the practical applications of different issues of data, privacy and human rights on a variety of careers and industries, while engaging directly with experts and practitioners.


IAPP Data Privacy Certification

The HDRS Program will train students to sit for this exam to attain this widely recognized privacy certification for individuals – allowing you to prove to employers that you understand both the technical aspects of data collection and the legal and ethical ramifications.

Students works on their laptop during a data course
Data Industry Practicum

For students in the MSc in Human Rights and Data Science (HRDS) program the Data Industry Practicum is a 6-credit series of intensive workshops with experts who teach students to analyze, in a practical way, the computational, legal, economic and ethical aspects of data use.

Data Industry Practicum in action

Communications & Brand

Your learning experience is deepened by the opportunity of immersive practica and study trips where you will come into contact with experts in the field. Whether networking with communications professionals in New York or London, developing sustainable initiatives in India, or experiencing nation branding in Iceland or cultural heritage in Morocco, we are committed to putting theory into practice.

Paris Fashion

Surrounded by fashion history, Paris is also a hub of modern day creativity. Making use of the faculty's deep connections to the industry in the city, students have the chance to visit the studios, exhibitions or workplaces of designers and communicators working in fashion.

Fashion studies workshop
London Branding

On this trip, students have the opportunity to discover one of the most important centers for international communications in Europe with professional visits in the fields of public relations, new media, branding and advertising.

Students on a branding trip to London
Iceland Research

Undertake field research in one of the most successfully promoted destinations in recent years, meeting with local brand managers, place influencers and cultural researchers.

Students in Iceland