The 7th Arrondissement

The city of Paris can feel as lively as its street markets and tourist attractions and as peaceful as the beauty of its architecture and the river Seine. The 7th arrondissement is a district that combines both these feelings and where AUP’s campus blends seamlessly into the patchwork of this ever-changing cityscape. 

Discover the 7th Arrondissement

Culturally Rich

A haven of intellectual ebullition and activity in the heart of Paris, the campus is now an integral part of the tradition of this historic district in the heart of the city. While our neighborhood is marked by the charm and liveliness of small cafés on rue Saint Dominique, the international restaurants on rue Malar, and the open air markets on the chic pedestrian street rue Cler, it is also home to renowned monuments such as the Hôtel des Invalides and the Eiffel Tower, as well as to several major museums such as the Musée d’Orsay, the Musée Rodin and the Musée du Quai Branly. 

At Home and in the World 

Our arrondissement is also home to many international institutions, NGOs and businesses which means our students find themselves melding into the everyday life of working Parisians and sharing metro or bike commutes to and from the area. Between and after classes, AUP students often walk to the nearby Faubourg Saint Germain and Latin Quarter, traditionally home to writers, artists, intellectuals and to several French universities. It’s the perfect place to practice the art of “flâner”, taking the time – even just a few minutes – to wander the streets, letting the beauty and history of the surroundings inspire personal reflection, or a strategy for how to win your next in-class debate.

Every corner of the city has a unique perspective to offer, but when you’re part of the AUP community, no matter where you’re from or where you live, the 7th arrondissement will become home.

Professors and students alike make the most of Paris as a place to bring studies to life.

A class tours an art museum

The distributed campus is set in the heart of the City.

Student in Paris

Opportunities like the Ecole de Guerre practicum are another chance to experience what the city has to offer.

At the Ecole de Guerre

Just over a ten minute walk from campus, students often head to the banks of the Seine to study or unwind.

Studying along the Seine
A class tours an art museum
Student in Paris
At the Ecole de Guerre
Studying along the Seine

Where You Will Find Our Students

    The banks of the river Seine are often the starting point of many a reflective stroll, evening with friends, or date. The river is a great place to pause and take in the unique sights and sounds of the city. 

    Sitting along the Seine

    A beautiful historic bridge that connects our campus straight to the Grand and Petit Palais. Cross it, or walk under it, either way you’ll be in awe of what you see.

    Pont Alexandre Bridge

    A place to find a wealth of resources for English-speakers in Paris along with comfortable work spaces. If literature is your thing, you can attend a host of events featuring authors and translators.

    Photo: LIA KILADIS architecture

    American Library in Paris

    The oldest department store in Paris and home to one of the best international food markets in the city, the Bon Marché is a great place to discover French products and find gifts to send home.

    Le Bon Marche

    You will see AUP students strolling down this beautiful street to get from the Combes Student Life Center to the Grenelle Teaching and Mentoring Center, or at any one of the many great lunch places it features.

    Students on a tour of the neighbourhood

    Thanks to your student card, which gives you free access to public museums, you can easily drop by to immerse yourself in Impressionist and post-Impressionist art and the architecture of this former train station and home to the 1900 Exposition universelle, turned art museum. The museum features a world-renowned permanent collection, hosts regular exhibitions and is perfect for a break on a rainy afternoon. 

    Musee d'Orsay

    The École de guerre is a place of study and reflection where the military leaders of tomorrow are trained with the collective responsibility of our future democracies in mind. Students may discover this place and learn from some of its professionals through some of our programs.

    Ecole de guerre filming

    What a better place for relaxing with a book or a picnic with friends than the Champs de Mars, the large public green space spanning the area surrounding the Eiffel Tower and École Militaire, just a few minutes’ walk from campus. The name alludes to the connection with war, as the lawns were formerly used as drilling and marching grounds by the French military. Today, they are a common meeting place for Parisian families, groups of friends and even pick-up sports teams.

    Champ de Mars

    This  intersection is a common meeting spot for AUP students and a pinnacle of 7th arrondissement terrace culture. You’ll find AUP students at any one of the cafés where they may have become regulars. 

    Students eat at a cafe near campus

    Good boulangeries are abundant throughout the city, and the 7th is no exception. Every at AUP has their own favorite in the neighborhood whether as the only place to pick up a croissant before class or a baguette at lunch on their way to a picnic in the sunshine. 

    Students at a local boulangerie