Study Trips

Study trips are a foundational component of the AUP graduate curriculum, taking students out of the classroom to cement learned theory in professional contexts across Paris and further afield. These experiential learning experiences, led by our expert faculty, see students visiting destinations around the world – from India, Morocco and Cambodia to Ghana, Turkey and Iceland – preparing them to navigate international careers while building towards mastery of their chosen subject.

Field experience exposes participants to new perspectives on students’ preferred topics and develops diplomacy, sensitivity and professionalism. Each study trip has key learning goals that are closely tied to a program’s curriculum and deepen students’ understanding of their specialism by immersing them in relevant professional contexts.

Work with Professionals Across the Globe

Our curriculum prepares students to thrive in deeply international work environments through continuous immersion in cross-border professional settings, where one can converse, exchange and work with world-leading experts. Be it branding consultants in Iceland, NGO leaders in India or crisis response officers in France, graduate study trips put students in direct contact with exciting professionals at the top of their fields who are finding innovative new approaches to how we cooperate, collaborate and communicate across borders, languages and cultures.

The Ecole de Guerre Practicum really did change my life. I was able to work directly with French war officers to explain why human rights are so important.

– Jackson Vann G’22, MSc in Human Rights and Data Science
Students on a trip to Ghana

Spotlight: Understanding Management & Politics 

Ghana is in the process of a successful transition to democracy. Visit political institutions and engage in an introduction to
the history of the country.

Speak Anyone’s Language

AUP graduate students learn cultural translation. Cultural translators are fast on their feet in international environments and are well-equipped to adapt to unknown contexts. In becoming cultural translators, students learn to appreciate multiple perspectives, harmonizing sometimes conflicting viewpoints into cooperative action. These skills are vital to understanding and thriving in cross-border contexts, whether students are observing human rights abuse trials in The Hague or conducting development communications work in Auroville, India.

Be at Home in the World

Study trips allow students to collaborate on a wide variety of projects, from research tasks to crisis simulations and professional workshops. Students get to know faculty and peers through working alongside them. Often from drastically different backgrounds, cultures and fields, these partners help students appreciate varied perspectives and develop collective innovations and collaborative ways of working, while also feeling part of a global community.

Students in London

Spotlight: London 

Professional visits in the fields of public relations, new media, branding and advertising in the British capital.

Bonds for Life

Experiencing immersion in another culture is a uniquely transformative experience that brings participants closer together. Students find that field studies solidify the bonds between peers as they get to know each other on a more personal level outside of a classroom setting. Faculty members say that the additional face-time with students builds invaluable academic – and, later, professional – connections, as they develop a deeper understanding of the subject by learning alongside those they teach. This bonding experience is one of the main reasons why alumni often cite study trips as among their most memorable AUP experiences.

It was clear from the start that the Sustainable Development Practicum would be a life-changing experience for me.

– Lamis Aljasem G’16, MA in Global Communications