Grad students on the ecole de guerre

Embrace Change

AUP’s master’s programs help students thrive in a changing world by encouraging self-reflection and adaptability as they navigate these new experiences. No matter the subject, students will need to adopt multidisciplinary approaches to learning that explore key global issues from varied perspectives. They must learn to situate their studies in any cultural context all while accumulating practical experience relevant to taking up positions as team leaders and changemakers working for international employers in a wide range of fields.


Our Programs

    The MA in Diplomacy and International Law enables students to think critically about pressing contemporary issues in public, comparative, humanitarian and human rights law from a uniquely international perspective. Students acquire the fundamental knowledge and practical skills necessary for careers in international law, diplomacy and international advocacy. These are the tools they will need to become active proponents of social justice, educated to work in multicultural work environments on complex global issues. 

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    The MA in Global Communications trains emerging professionals to navigate and excel in today’s complex global communications landscape. Master the art of communicating across borders, cultures and disciplines by learning the strategic skills necessary to thrive in fields such as filmmaking, journalism, podcasting, digital marketing and NGO work. By combining a robust foundation in theory with a wide range of intercultural perspectives, students look beyond US models to gain a broad understanding of interdisciplinary communications practices in multiple national and international contexts.

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    The MSc in Human Rights and Data Science combines a rigorous foundation in data science with a study of the legal and philosophical framework that underpins the field. This two-sided approach is necessary to ensure the ethical implementation of relevant policies and protections. Gain fluency in two pioneering fields of expertise alongside hands-on technical training in relevant software. Actively engage with the emerging issues of ethics and protection, through hands-on workshops with industry professionals. Big data is changing the world, but with the right approach to data science, we can change it for the better.

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    Understanding today means you can help construct tomorrow. The MA in International Affairs prepares students to confidently confront the ethical gray zones that are inherent to all socio-political issues when studied at a global scale. The program equips rising professionals with the skills to promote peace and social justice at community, national and international levels. Graduates will learn to analyze contemporary issues from an informed, pluralistic viewpoint and truly impact the current discourse, all while living in a cosmopolitan hub for economics, politics and social issues.

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    The MSc in International Management teaches students to view conventional management approaches through a critical lens, adapting leadership values and methods  to better address today’s economic, social, environmental and public policy challenges. The program encourages critical enquiry and self-reflection in managerial decision-making, while emphasizing ethical approaches that put people first. Adopting these values is the only way that more ethical management practices can take root in a globalized market.

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    The MSc in Strategic Brand Management combines foundations in communications and brand theory with core courses from AUP’s innovative international management curriculum. It prepares students to expertly manage and shape an international brand and the relationship with the consumers and employees who make its success possible. Students learn to balance management strategies with the evolving economic and ethical demands of consumers, while critically analyzing how brands engage with a variety of issues such as global inequality, sustainability and racial justice.

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Real-World Experience from Day One

All our master’s programs are built around experience-based projects, by which we mean hands-on, fully-rounded group activities that put theory into practice in a variety of international contexts. Students are encouraged to take charge of their education as they collaborate with peers on impactful research, run and interpret professional-level simulations and intern with active international organizations.

The Hague Practicum

Every summer, The American University of Paris sends a select group of graduate students to The Hague, a dynamic international hub in the Netherlands, as part of a credit-receiving practicum in our MA in Diplomacy and International Law. 


Data Industry Practicum

This multi-workshop style course provides students with the possibility to exchange with internationally renowned industry and academic experts. Students will learn how data science is applied in industry, international organizations and research institutions. 


Ecole de Guerre Practicum

Students will play the role of international NGO humanitarian aid workers, responsible for providing relief to tens of thousands of civilians caught in the crossfire during the Exercise Coalition, a polyvalent simulation of military intervention organized and operated by the French War College (Ecole de Guerre) with civilian partners.


AUP’s Academic Culture

Succeeding in an international career requires cooperation and understanding across borders and cultures. We take the same approach in the AUP classroom, encouraging the rigorous intellectual exchange of ideas and perspectives in respectful small-group settings. Students are given the space and time necessary to reflect on what they learn from these discussions and apply it to their personal and professional development, supported by mentoring faculty who bring their international experience into the classroom.