Research at AUP

AUP faculty are first and foremost teachers and mentors, but many also make significant contributions to research in their chosen fields. They regularly engage with policy-makers, industry leaders and the media, making a tangible impact on global academic discourse. Furthermore, our five research centers focus faculty academic endeavors on areas key to AUP’s international academic philosophy.

International and Multicultural

The subjects that our professors research are in the spirit of AUP’s founding vision of collaborating across borders toward international cooperation. This is exemplified in the work of faculty such as Professors Susan Perry and Claudia Roda of the MSc in Human Rights and Data Science, who also work as advisors and advocates on EU draft legislation surrounding artificial intelligence. Other faculty tackle cross-border problems, such as climate change or deradicalization, which can’t be solved without cooperation at the international level. 

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Practical Applications Out in the Field

Research at AUP doesn’t just mean theory, journal articles and book publications; we have professors who are active in their industries, putting their theoretical analysis into practice in high-level roles across the world, including in Paris itself. 

Examples include branding professor Michael Behnke, who runs his own international branding consultancy and regularly brings his professional expertise into his teaching. Professor Sharon Weill is a former judge in French asylum courts, and regularly takes students into the courtroom to experience legal proceedings firsthand. Professor Ziad Majed works as a journalist of Middle Eastern politics, regularly traveling to the region for reporting purposes as well as to immerse students in the history and culture they are studying.

Claudia Roda

Roda researches ways in which engineers could design systems that both bring value and operate within an ethical human-rights framework.


Albert Cath

Prof Cath's research focuses on 'coping with complex issues, in the context of organizational theory.' 


Research Centers at the Forefront of Global Issues

AUP is home to five mission-driven research centers that promote scholarly exchange and research on subjects that support the University’s vision. Our Paris location provides access to world-class archives, museums, institutions and experts, and the city’s long history of scholarly convocation – from the COP21 climate talks to the 1919 signing of the Treaty of Versailles – makes it the perfect place for these centers to host conferences and events that attract world-class research talent to speak at AUP.

Graduate Students Publish Shared Book With Faculty

Student authors explored how to manage complexity through a range of contemporary case studies, from toxic millennial workplace environments to arts education.


AUP Alumnae Drive Change in the Fashion Industry

Joining forces with faculty from AUP and the London College Fashion, two alumnae from the MA in Global Communications organized a symposium to tackle the issue of sustainability in fashion head on.


Faculty Achievements

AUP’s faculty regularly contribute to international scholarly discourse through journal articles, publications and conference attendance. Their collective achievements are published yearly in the University’s Faculty Achievement Brochure. You can find a full list of our faculty’s scholarly output below.

Innovative, international, interdisciplinary, the scholarly work of AUP faculty brings the world’s important questions to students, both inside and outside the classroom.

Faculty Achievements Brochure 2022