French Language

Learning French

AUP’s graduate programs do not offer dedicated French language classes as part of their core courses. However, students have ample opportunities to immerse themselves in French language and culture on a daily basis while studying at AUP. Many of our graduate students arrive at the University with some foreign language experience, and many more seek to improve their French during their studies. French classes are available through a variety of partner institutions, for which AUP may cover tuition. Graduate students are also able to audit French classes at AUP.

Paris is also a city full of opportunities to learn French, both informally and through formal classes. The French state actively encourages French language learning via affordable, accessible state education programs. Though not mandatory, French is also useful when job hunting in Paris and for those interested in staying on in France after graduation, as almost all French administration is conducted solely in the French language.

Why Learn French?

Learning a foreign language is a revelatory experience that provides students with additional career opportunities and offers new ways to broaden their understanding of diverse perspectives while building empathy and encouraging personal growth. While English is the language of instruction at AUP, our campus is truly multilingual.

It Takes Time

Becoming proficient in a foreign language requires commitment, patience and the willingness to learn from mistakes. Working towards additional language learning goals alongside graduate studies can be a challenge, and it is worth considering your course load before making the commitment.

It is, however, also worth noting that being surrounded by the language on a daily basis will make learning it much easier should students choose to take part in more serious study when they have more time to commit.

To ease some of the time constraints, summer classes are a great option. AUP’s summer immersion courses are open to graduate students, though they  require additional financial commitments. 

French Language Learning Options

  1. Alliance Française: Offers both in person and online intensive French learning programs, open to AUP graduate students. The University has secured an exclusive deal to offer advantageous rates to students, who pay up front but are reimbursed upon the successful completion of the course.
  2. Auditing AUP Classes: All full-time graduate students have the option to audit undergraduate-level French classes at AUP. This therefore constitutes an additional time commitment on top of master’s course requirements.
  3. AUP French Immersion Summer School: Taking additional AUP summer classes is a great way to distinguish language-learning efforts from your course load, allowing for intensive study over a three- or six-week period in the Summer semester.
  4. Les Cours Municipaux de Paris: The various mairies (town halls) in Paris offer adult education classes for non-French speakers at significantly reduced rates. These classes use a French educational style and are also a great way to meet people outside of the AUP community who may also be new to the city.
  5. Sorbonne University: Offers additional paid-for options for French courses.
  6. Language-Learning Applications: There are a wide range of free or paid language-learning apps and online courses that are a great, fun way to practise the French language. Examples include Duolingo, Babbel, Busuu or Rosetta Stone.
  7. Informal Conversation Classes: Websites such as Facebook or can be a great way to organize informal conversation classes in person. Chatting with locals on Paris terraces can be a great way to improve language skills!