Tuition & Costs: MA in Diplomacy and International Law

Depending on the length of the graduate program you plan to attend, the price will vary. The 2024-2025 graduate tuition is €1,078 per credit.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact graduate admissions if you have any questions or need clarifications. For detailed information on payment plans and schedules, please visit the Graduate Student Accounting Services page.

Program Timeline 

You should consider the program's timeline carefully, keeping track of the overall required credits for the degree. Tuition will change for the 2025-2026 academic year and any deviation from the timeline below means that the estimated cost could change as well.

Semester 1Semester 2Semester 3
16 credits16 credits6 credits

For those making their first independent move abroad to a new country like France, it can be helpful to plan ahead for the upfront costs of settling in after moving to a new country. Check out the Cost of Living page to start making a budget.

Explore financial aid options at AUP: Aid & Scholarships

Fall Entry 

Graduate Per-Credit Tuition (2024-2025): €1,078 per credit

 Fall 2024Spring 2025Summer 2025Total Program
Health Fees*€640€6400€1,280
Orientation Fees ***€50000€500
Total Tuition and Fees€18,388€17,888€17,248€53,524

* Health fees are subject to minor changes.  
**Tuition and fees for the future academic year are subject to change.  
***This Orientation fee cannot be covered by US Federal Loans


Estimated Living Expenses

The estimated living expenses below are calculated for September through July. Living expenses can vary depending on the individual. See examples below.

 Fall 2024Spring 2025Summer 2025Total Program
Housing + Utilities and Wifi€5,400€6,750€2,700€14,850
Travel - Airfare€900€9000€1,800
Local Transportation€35000€350
Books, course materials, supplies and equipment €400€400€400€1,200
Miscellaneous personal expenses€1,095€1,250€500€2,845
Total Estimated Living Expenses€10,225€11,900€4,460€26,585
Tuition + Estimated Living Expenses 
(with temporary orientation housing)

*Tuition and estimated living expenses for the future academic year are subject to change.