Living Here

Welcome to Paris, where the adventure for AUP students begins in a city renowned for its culture, beauty, and history. Every street here is bustling with life and opportunities for learning. Whether students are securing their first apartment with the assistance of our housing office, accessing top-notch health care through AUP’s dedicated partners, or exploring the city's eco-friendly transportation options, we are committed to supporting them every step of the way. Students are encouraged to transform, thrive, and discover their potential in Paris.



Real-estate rental in France is regulated to very strict standards ensuring that tenants under contract are always protected by the law. For this reason, the paperwork and requirements are extensive and the whole process of finding long-term accommodation in Paris is notoriously difficult, even for locals. 

AUP students have a major advantage, however, as the AUP housing office makes the whole process as user-friendly as possible. These administrative services can provide certain guarantees, building on a network of trusted landlords with properties throughout the city to suit all budgets. These property managers have long-standing relationships with the university and give priority to AUP students, but even if you find your own rental solution, the housing office can help mediate the transaction. 

Whether you want a studio on your own or a collocation with roommates, AUP’s housing office will work alongside you to secure your first appart’ in Paris. 

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Health & Wellness

In France, health has been considered an essential human right for nearly a century. Accordingly, it boasts one of the top healthcare systems in the world, largely surpassing that of the USA in every major ranking system. 

Our students gain direct access to French social security benefits upon registration, as this is provided to all visitors on a valid student visa. But further, AUP students are also covered by a robust private insurance policy included in our tuition fees which ensures an added layer of coverage. As required by French law, this additional coverage means that all but cosmetic medical procedures (including dental and optical) will most likely cost you nothing, whatever health issues may arise.

Living abroad in France can really give students perspective as they benefit from the social security apparatus. If you have lingering issues to deal with, the French system can give you the financial safety net to work on long term health goals. Learn to understand how to work on your own personal mental health, nutrition, and physical shape with a preventative mindset, safe in the knowledge that you can count on the system to take care of you when you need it most. 


We partner with several of the major banks in France to make sure our students are able to open their first French bank accounts with an English-speaking representative during the first weeks of orientation. While these accounts are great for everyday transactions and EU wire-transfers, many of our students and alumni recommend using fintech services like Wise to make currency conversions. 



With the goal of becoming Europe’s greenest city by 2030, Paris is investing in a general policy described under the umbrella term “hyper-proximity” where essentials like public transportation, grocery stores, and schools are all accessible within a 15 minute walk from a Parisian home. 

As a Parisien(ne) you will be at the forefront of this wave with alternative, zero-carbon mobility solutions such as bike rentals or electric scooters, affordable public transport, and a host of new measures designed to recreate a traditional vie de quartier or “neighborhood life”. While it may seem innovative, this is not a new direction but rather a return to the city’s historical landscape of micro-village economies that help little shops and boutiques thrive. The goal is a city made for pedestrians with green spaces at every corner and affordable local shops only a short walk or bike ride away. 


Paris is a generally safe city when it comes to violent crime and has a reassuring police presence. Still, some 2000 Americans report their passports stolen or lost in Paris every year and like any big city it’s recommended to take certain precautions to avoid being an easy target.  

Our general website has an extensive section dedicated to student safety with all the practical information you should keep on hand such as emergency numbers; safety tips related to pickpocketing, aggression, assault, or dating risks; and how to report a crime. Similarly, the campus security page lays out which AUP administration and staff bodies can help you in these situations.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Paris varies greatly from person to person depending on personal lifestyles, accommodations, shopping habits and food choices. To help with financial planning, our graduate pages for new arrivals aim to provide some insights into everyday life in Paris both on and off campus so students can plan accordingly in relation to their own personal needs and preferences. Different estimated budgets are provided, showing examples of “basic essentials” depending on your living situation to an “average budget”. 


AUP’s housing office will assist you in closing out all your accounts at the end of your term so you can leave with total peace of mind. 

Telephone & Internet

Mobile phone and internet services are easy to subscribe to with strict consumer protection laws to avoid any surprise surcharges. Four main companies (Bouygues, Orange, SFR, and Free) dominate most of the network infrastructure, but there is a growing share of smaller providers who sometimes offer good deals.

All of the big 4 operators offer pay-as-you-go options (sans engagement), which means you can cancel your subscription at no additional cost. However if you are here for the long-term it is the 1 or 2-year contracts that offer the most advantageous deals on new phones and big data packages, with mobile + Internet packages offering the best value.

Always be mindful of whether your accommodation has fiber optic, cable, or older DSL installed as this will impact the internet speed available where you live. Also be sure to read the fine print when it comes to the duration of your contract, so you don’t get stuck with bills accruing after you have left the country.