Alumni Network

One of AUP’s missions is to ensure the breadth and the strength of our community across the globe, which means doing everything we can to help current students (graduates and undergraduates) to connect with alumni who offer inspiration and who may also help open doors to new opportunities. Indeed, with the close-knit culture of our University comes the opportunity to truly network and maintain real contact within the AUP community even after leaving campus.

Alumni flip through a yearbook in the AMEX
Global mentoring

“The Global Mentoring Program was everything that I had hoped it would be! My advisor’s anecdotes and experience really give perspective and insight into the field I would like to work in.”

Global Mentoring Program

Current students may benefit from alumni experiences and expertise though the Global Mentoring Program, run by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations and the ACE Center.  
Alumni mentors guide students in setting and achieving academic, personal and professional goals and provide insights to support their mentee’s goals for post-AUP life. 

Alumni Relations Office & AUP Global

AUP has a specific office to manage alumni relations, including social media groups, newsletters and emails, and AUP Global, an intranet available only to the AUP community offering groups and events to keep in touch and stay informed. 

Graduation is only the beginning of your journey with AUP, there are plenty of opportunities to stay connected.

Alumni network

The annual Career Fair is a great chance to learn more about companies, with many alumni returning to speak with students.

Career Fair

Alumni are encouraged to consider supporting the next generation through programs like Global Mentoring.


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Fostering Community through Regular Events

AUP students regularly have the opportunity to learn from alumni through a variety of in-person events, including roundable and panel discussions, "Lunch N Learn" sessions, and networking cocktails. These gatherings feature alumni professionals and experts who return to campus to share their knowledge and
experiences, enriching the educational journey of current students and strengthening connections within the alumni community.

Get to Know our Alumni