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Welcome to the City of Light

At AUP, students embark on a transformative journey that can include profound cultural immersion, where the vibrant backdrop of France's capital enriches their academic and personal growth. Engaging actively with Paris's diverse intellectual and creative opportunities, students learn beyond textbooks, with the option to dive into life in Paris as locals through bustling markets, workshops, arts and more. This deep immersion into French culture and societal structures enhances their global understanding and prepares them for the interconnected world and careers at an international level. 

Paris is known as the City of Light. The name originated from a city-wide public works project during the reign of Louis XIV; in order to make Paris more safe, street lights were installed on every main thoroughfare in the city. However, the reason the name continues to be so relevant today is because Paris also became known as a European center of education and ideas: a City of Enlightenment. Throughout the 18th century, poets, philosophers, engineers and scientists all made Paris their home.

Students out in Paris

Supporting Parisians

Paris has seen extraordinary investment in culture, infrastructure and public services right back to Georges-Eugène Haussmann’s 19th-century renovation of the city. Parisian society prioritizes people, promoting solidarity among citizens and protecting their fundamental rights. In fact, support for all citizens is right there in the French national motto: Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Government-funded resources for students in Paris include discounted public transport, rent support and free access to many museums and exhibitions, in addition to the free public services available to all Parisians, such as libraries, cultural centers and sports facilities.

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Walking around Paris is a sensory experience, and each neighborhood has its own history, feel and flair. The French concept of le flâneur describes someone with the time and detachment to stroll around a city observing society from the outside; it shows just how closely our understanding of our lives can be connected to our sense of place.

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Embracing Intellectual life

French culture and the city of Paris in particular encourage a holistic approach to personal development by cultivating a rich intellectual life and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. A cosmopolitan hub for all of Europe, Paris offers ample career opportunities, but where the city truly shines is in its dazzling array of establishments and events dedicated to cultural and intellectual enrichment.

From vibrant literary scenes in local cafés and salons to the dusty libraries and amphitheaters of its universities, Paris is a place where contemporary intellectuals come to find each other. 

Your immersion in the local community will play a vital role in your personal and professional development.

Students walking around the neighborhood

As you walk between classes in one of our seven recently renovated buildings, you’ll discover a vibrant Parisian neighborhood full of bakeries, shops and cafés.

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It's always an exciting time to study in the City of Light, particularly when the Champs de Mars is your study space

Students work on Invalides

Paris is Paris! It seems to me that it gets more beautiful every year. The investment in patrimoine is extraordinary.

APU President Sonya Stephens
– AUP President Sonya Stephens

Preparing for Paris

AUP has a full suite of support services available to assist accepted students in obtaining their study visa and organizing their journeys to Paris. Graduate students can choose to organize accommodation either on their own or through AUP’s housing database, which lists trusted landlords whom our Housing Office has pre-vetted. The Housing Office also serves as an intermediary between students and landlords, while helping resolve disputes throughout the duration of the tenancy. 

Upon arrival in Paris, they’ll attend Orientation, which will not only introduce them to their peers but will also help them figure out how to set up a phone contract, open a French bank account and navigate the city’s comprehensive public transport system. They’ll also meet with a student advisor who will answer any questions they have. We assist students with every step of getting set ups in Paris, so they can focus their energy on personal and professional development.