Career Outcomes

Throughout their graduate degrees, AUP guides students toward shaping their future careers around the issues and/or industries they care about most. They may arrive in Paris with a vague idea of a future career, but they will almost certainly leave with a new found passion, interest or cause they take to heart. And they will definitely leave much better informed about the world around them and about the possibilities open to them across it. 

Former student and professor

Following the completion of an AUP master’s program, graduates go on to international careers  in a great variety of sectors, from humanitarian agencies and NGOs to corporations with an eye on global issues and sustainability. They also often take the initiative to found their own companies, associations or creative endeavors. 

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  • Of graduates had found a job, become entrepreneurs or pursued additional education within one year of graduation

Alumni Career Paths

Our graduate programs provide an important mix of academic excellence and exposure to practical knowledge that prepares our graduates to enter the international employment market after graduation. Close to nine out of ten graduate alumni who graduated from AUP during the years 2013–15 had found a job, become entrepreneurs or pursued additional educational routes within one year of graduation.

AUP alumni live and work in 145 different countries, our recent survey showing that graduate alumni from 2013–15 are working in over 30 different countries : Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Côte d’Ivoire, Croatia, Egypt, France, China, Georgia, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Career preparation - the ACE Center

In addition to access to the Global Talent Portal, AUP’s Academic, Career and Experiential Advising (ACE) Center offers workshops and general support before and after graduation from AUP programs.

The ACE Center is an academic and professional administrative unit dedicated to serving and empowering students, faculty, the administration and employers by providing access to information and resources. The primary function of the unit is to maintain this access to advising via people, resources and workshops. The ACE Center’s long-term goal is to increase outreach and efficiency via investment in the redesign of processes and the integration of innovative technology. The center aims to instill students with a sense of responsibility to themselves, with personal organizational skills, and with maturity – assets that will facilitate success at AUP and beyond.  

Paige Beaton

From an internship at a small startup to a Fortune 500 company, alumna Paige Coulier G'13 has brought a passion for education and climate into work on a daily basis. 


Hamza Usman

Hamza Usman G’09 turned a gap in the pharmaceutical market into a force for social good, laying the foundations for safer, more professional pharmacies in Karachi. 


Will Bisbee

Will Bisbee's experience in Paris prepared him for his current work in national securty by giving me a broader worldview and sense of other perspectives.