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Hybrid Immersion

AUP’s campus is marked by the confluence of international culture unique to highly global spaces like those found in the headquarters of major multinational companies and organizations. Throughout their studies, our students become adept at navigating this specialized, pre-professional environment while simultaneously living every day immersed in the unique social mentality of one of the most intellectually and culturally rich cities in the world; one whose cafés, restaurants and quartiers have come to be called “home” by our students for over 60 years. 

Explore the neighborhood as you walk between classes.

Study in the heart of the 7th

Our consolidated central Paris campus offers easy access to some of the city.

AUP Students take in the view from their roof terrace

The 7th is a rich arrondissement full of international and renowned institutions.

Students walk near Invalides

The area is full of places to stop for a bite to eat in the sunshine.

Enjoy the sunshine en terrace like a local

Modern Buildings, Historic Neighborhood

Our seven campus buildings are all in Paris’s 7th arrondissement, in the heart of the city between Invalides and the Eiffel Tower. All buildings are within close walking distance to each other and the convenient public transport system connects them to the whole of the City of Light. Our flagship Student Life and Learning Commons unites all academic and student support services under one roof. Because our classroom buildings are integrated into the Parisian cityscape, rather than on a traditional closed-off campus, students become part of the local community from day one, frequenting local businesses, cultural and political institutions between classes and activities. In addition to our campus and the neighborhood feel of pedestrian streets and green spaces, the area is home to world-famous institutions, including UNESCO, the French War College at Invalides and the Musée d’Orsay.

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  • Student organizations and clubs on campus

Home to a Global Community

The AUP on-campus experience combines US higher education philosophies and approaches with the European conception of the urban campus and European ways of living. Attending classes, socializing and discovering community on AUP’s campus offers students the opportunity to embrace their own diverse identities and to integrate elements of the local culture, which, on campus,  is at once American, French and fully international. Graduate students do not merely attend classes; they join a community of globally-minded peers pursuing international careers who actively engage and learn from each other's life experiences. Social events, as well as informal interactions like after-class discussions with classmates and faculty on campus often encourage students to share their own traditions and perspectives, or to discover Paris together – benefitting from each other’s often vastly different vantage points.

Find Your People

Student clubs range from sports teams and interest clubs to creative endeavors and identity groups. There are many opportunities to get involved in community projects and social gatherings throughout the city, all of which facilitate student integration into the social fabric of the city while helping to foster lasting friendships on campus and beyond.

Creative clubs across the fine and performing arts offer further avenues for self-expression, individually or as a part of group projects. Clubs also offer opportunities for students to engage with the issues that are important to our international community. Whatever students’ passions are, they’ll find a group of people to share them with.

Campus Publications

AUP has a strong history of literary production and student-led publications, dating back to its earliest days. Today, the University continues to support this tradition with many opportunities for students to engage with professional writers, to work with faculty in publishing collective works and to contribute to AUP publications. 

These publications include a wealth of  journalistic, academic and creative endeavors published by student organizations that often afford graduate students the opportunity to take on leadership roles as a member of an editorial board or as mentors for undergraduate students.

Peacock Media

The Peacock Media is part of AUP Student Media and encompasses the Plume, Peacock Magazine, Peacock Play and AUP Radio. They are at the epicenter of AUP’s multicultural urban campus, dedicated to producing high-quality content that connects students, faculty, alumni, and the globe.

Student reads the Peacock Magazine

Roaches is a student publication part of the Psychology, Gender, and Health department which focuses on academic and creative themes of race, gender, postcolonial, and queer theory. Submissions are open to the entire AUP community as well as anyone else who wants to have their work featured.

Roaches magazine

Hibou Magazine is a student-run online magazine focusing on history and social justice. It is designed to create vibrant, nuanced dialogue on far-ranging topics. We provide a platform and community or writers of all backgrounds to voice their experiences, investigate social issues, and pursue their artistic endeavors.

Hibou magazine

Paris/Atlantic is the American University of Paris' publication for the literary and creative arts; we publish the work of students, faculty, staff and friends of the university, providing the opportunity for aspiring, upcoming and professional writers and artists to share their work in a beautiful, student-produced printed publication.


DÉPAYSANTS is a student-led online art magazine. They give creative individuals from AUP, and in Paris, a platform to share their work and develop professional portfolios. The magazine's goal is to become a point of intersection for all forms of visual arts, a space without discrimination. The magazine is an interdisciplinary representation of the innovation and individuality found within Paris.

Dépaysants magazine
Cahiers Series

The Cahiers Series is published by Sylph Editions in collaboration with The American University of Paris. The goal of this series is to make available new explorations in writing, in translating, and in the areas linking these two activities.

Cahiers series
Music & Literature

Music & Literature, Inc., is a nonprofit organization devoted to publishing and promoting the work of underrepresented artists from around the world. Each print issue of Music & Literature assembles an international cast of writers and critics in celebration of three featured artists whose work has yet to reach its deserved audience.

The Tocqueville Review

Now nearly 40 years old, the Tocqueville review today falls under the remit of AUP’s Center for Critical Democracy Studies. Tackling transnational questions of politics and society, the journal encourages scholarly contributions on democratic practice and theory.

Nature and Cultures

Nature and Cultures is an online geographic magazine written by global explorers. Founded by Professor Oleg Kobtzeff, the journal showcases student and faculty academic contributions alongside republished third-party material. It ties closely into several classes across the University, most notably the Waters of the Globe class, which hosts student-produced resources on the magazine’s website.

Nature and Cultures